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Samuel H. C. Cabot

Junior Research Fellow at Peterhouse, University of Cambridge
Planetary Science & Exoplanet Astrophysics


Trajectories of impact ejecta in a frame corotating with Venus



Detections of Metals in Exoplanet Atmospheres

Langeveld, Madhusudhan, Cabot (2022) MNRAS 514 5192L

Bello-Arufe, Cabot, Mendoça, et al. (2022) AJ 163 96B

Cabot, Bello-Arufe, Mendoça, et al. (2021) AJ 162 218C

Advances in the Formation Theory & Characterization of Interstellar Objects

Cabot & Laughlin (2022) PSJ 2 172

Seligman, Levine, Cabot, Laughlin, & Meech (2021) ApJ 920 28S

Levine, Cabot, Seligman, & Laughlin (2021) ApJ 922 39L

Stacking Periodograms for Population-Level Exoplanet Studies

Cabot & Laughlin (2022) AJ 163 206C

New Stellar Activity Mitigation Techniques for RV Surveys

Roettenbacher, Cabot, Fischer, et al. (2022) AJ 163 19R

Cabot, Roettenbacher, Henry, et al. (2021) AJ 161 26C

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For a complete list of publications, please see CV.

Implementation of a 2D global hydrodynamic model based on governing equations from Langton & Laughlin (2008). Video of HD80606b.

Phases of a Total Solar Eclipse (Imaged from South Carolina, USA) © Cabot 2017


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